Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Fireworks - Images and Techniques

I missed my opportunity to photograph the fourth of July fireworks this year and last. Lucky for me I had one more great opportunity and that was on Saturday night at the Minneapolis Aquatennial Fireworks.

I had to adjust to shooting from a new location, which presented a few challenges because I didn't know where the fireworks would provide the best angle for viewing and photography. Unfortunately, the spot I initially selected was not a good location. So I quickly moved my camera and tripod to a couple of locations before finding the best location. I didn't do too many really long exposures because there was a pretty strong wind and I didn't want that to ruin the exposures.

Tips for shooting fireworks -

Equipment Used:
  • Canon EOS 20D

  • Canon 17-85mm Image Stabilized Lens

  • Tripod

  • Cable Release

  • ISO 100 (best color)

  • F16-f22

  • Bulb Setting (manual mode)

  • Image Stabilization turned off

  • Manual focus set to Infinity

  • Exposures of 3-15 seconds
Please feel free to checkout my new images Fireworks Gallery .

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